Why You Should Treat Yourself To A Motherhood Session

I could write a novel about how motherhood has changed me. The sisterhood of motherhood that forms as you join the ranks and share experiences that generations of mothers have before you.

A universal theme in motherhood is that time is fleeting, both a gift and a thief. By some mystery of the universe, time can drag on like in the last few weeks of pregnancy and also flash by in an instant like how your child’s infancy passes in the blink of an eye.

The only thing I’ve found that dulls the sting of the time warp of my children’s childhood is preserving each special season in the form of photos & intentionally documenting things I hope to never forget.

Your Legacy in Motherhood

How does a modern mama do this when the years of pen-to-paper baby books are a rare occurrence?

I do this by keeping notes in my phone to quickly jot down funny, sweet, or notable moments in our day to day life. Each week I carve out about an hour to email each child, we set up email addresses for them at birth.

I also practice what I preach and get in the photo, or more importantly in the moment- no matter how I’m feeling about my body, my outfit etc. I never want my children or myself to look back in their well-documented childhood and have one very important piece missing – me.

My Encouragement To Fellow Mamas – Get In the Photo!

This year once again I didn’t lose weight, tone my arms or get my teeth fixed. But I did, swim with my children, show up for them daily, allow myself to be documented with them. Both in beautifully curated settings like this session with Karlie Colleen Photography & in the not-so-glamorous moments like us snuggled up in my worn-down recliner reading a devotional in the wee hours of the morning. I appreciate and love photos of me and my babies in both sce

My passion for becoming a family photography stylist was birthed from the absolute joy it brings me to receive a gallery of photographs of our family. It fills my cup to know I can help other moms lighten the load of taking photos with their families by removing the stress of styling, helping them feel confident in what they’re wearing.

This Mother’s Day I hope you get in the photo mama! It’s not only a gift for you, but a gift to your children in the future.