Here in sunny Arizona it is the eve of formal sorority recruitment for ASU! Chapters are busy getting spray tans, practicing songs while bouncing clapping and smiling in sync, and of course creeping on their rush crush! Although I’ve been an alumna for years now it seems like yesterday I had those butterflies anxious to meet the chapter of women I would call my lifelong sisters. As an 18 year old going through rush at Cal State Fullerton I had no idea the impact Greek life, specifically Alpha Chi Omega would have on my life. Sisterhood in Alpha Chi Omega cultivated the most deep and meaningful friendships I have today… In fact 7 of my 12 bridesmaids were sorority sisters. There are a million reasons I love my sorority experience both as a collegiate and as alum/adviser but listing them would lead to one loooonnggg (very emotional) blog. So I will just cut to one of my upmost favorites…. Big & Little.

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As a child I would BEG my parents for a little sister (and by beg I mean throw tantrums… sorry mom) I never got a little sister, but I do have one adorable little brother who I dressed as a girl ( sorry Cole.) While I would never change my family dynamic for the world and I think two kids was just perfect for the Thomas fam, I always longed for that little sister to bond with, mentor, and share all the girlie frills life has to offer.

Joining Alpha Chi I LOVED having a big sis, being spoiled by gifts every week (most people think we get hazed leading up to initiation, its actually the exact opposite we get lavished with gifts for 6 weeks until we find out who our Big is) But what I loved even more was the thought that I would get the chance to be the “Big” the following year(s) and pick out my very own perfect little sis!

If you know me, you know I took Big/Little very seriously. I actually call this season of the year more commonly known as Fall…. “Little Season.” Throughout college I took 4… yes you read that correctly FOUR little sisters. Three from my chapter at CSUF and one when we chartered UCLA’s chapter. Aside from shopping 6 months in advance for a girl who I hadn’t even met yet, and going absolutely berserk crafting personalized gifts for months on end (its like secret santa on crack) what I truly treasured was the bond of a little sister that each of my wonderful littles gave me.

I know Big & Little is hit or miss for a lot of Greek women, sometimes those relationships never make it past the rush crush obsession, surface level party buddies, or you simply don’t get along. I realize in writing this that not every girl will get matched with the perfect big/little for them which is why I feel even more blessed knowing I basically won the little sis lottery (4 times) with the women I get to call my life long friends. If you’re an active member of a sorority on the hunt for the perfect little, I urge you to look for more than someone who will look the cutest in your pictures (I’ll admit I did pick 4 bombshells) or who likes the same designer handbags as you…. Actively seek someone who you can picture standing by your side in your wedding, who will remain close with you throughout good, bad, being in different states, and all that life throws at you. And of course once you find her, spoil her to death ( duh) nothing says love like a hand painted frame, a chic tote-bag with your letters on it, or matching big little moo moos ( really I’m a sucker for anything with big/little on it #guilty )

To Ashley, Megan, Jessica, & Taylor thank you for filling a life long wish of mine to have a little sister. Each of you has brought me so much joy and even now as an “old married woman” I am proud to know that I fought for each of you because I couldn’t imagine better sisters to call my very own littles. ( Don’t be alarmed if you receive a hand crafted bulletin board in the mail I’m feeling nostalgic )