Call me basic, but I love Fall! Because in Arizona it never really feels like fall until halfway through Winter I wanted to throw my kids A Festive Fall Breakfast. I love celebrating especially for my kiddos! We also had my nephews here for a sleepover so it felt extra special. 

If you know me you know I’m not much for cooking so whenever I throw a themed breakfast I try and keep the food prep simple… lucky for me my kiddos are young and get excited about anything out of the ordinary. 

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Fall Themed Food for A Festive Fall Breakfast 

  • Pumpkin Shaped Waffles – I spotted this mini pumpkin waffle maker on Amazon and just had to have it. The kids love decorating these pumpkin waffles like jack-o-lanterns and I think this will be a fun treat on fall weekends! I can’t wait to play around with different recipes!
  • Banana Boos – Such an easy treat for all the guys and ghouls! Halved bananas with chocolate chip mouths and googly eye sprinkles make for the cutest ghosts you ever did see. 
  • Cutie Pumpkins – Peeled cuties with green sour straw stems are so simple yet so festive. We ain’t punkin’ you, your kids will love these!
  • Ghost & Bat Poop– When you have little kiddos all things potty talk cracks them up. Whenever I need a little filler I add something small to cupcake liners or treat cups. I used raisins and yogurt covered raisins for these funny snacks.

Fall Decor 

My basic strategy when it comes to fall decor is to just buy allll the pumpkins 😉 Really though this jute runner is such a great touch to any table. The apple pom poms are a simple DIY project, learn how to make pompoms in my free tutorial here

I snagged the sign and pumpkins from the Target Dollar Spot. And I created the apple garland from felt leaves, brown pipe cleaners and red wool balls

Do you have any Fall traditions? Drop them in the comments below.