Picking out your dorm room decor is what every college student looks forward to as summer starts to drift away and the textbooks start rolling in. There is no denying the overwhelming components of selecting the perfect dorm design with all the Pinterest and magazine styles to choose from. Ranging from southern chic to trippy hippie, the hardest part of decorating is figuring out what fits your style and personality. This winter break, we paired up with our past intern, Brooke, to re-decorate her dorm room before she headed back to school at Ole Miss for the spring semester! IMG_4510 Our goal for the space was to produce the ideal college bedroom filled with homemade crafts, stylish stationery, and chic artwork on the walls. To accomplish this, we partnered with and TinyPrints to bring a taste of sophistication to a dorm room!


To warm up the room, we added a Hawaiian Pineapple Candle from Comfort Candle Company to transform Brooke’s studious and stressful room into a tropical getaway. Candles usually add a relaxed feel to a room – but just make sure that your dormitory allows them! IMG_4432 IMG_4503

Canvases & Custom Stationary

To give the room a more custom look, we had some State to State Canvases and personalized stationary designed by TinyPrints. The states on the canvases all represent a part of Brooke, which is why they are so special! Brooke now has a place to scribble and sketch her daily to-do’s on her adorable notepad! IMG_4431IMG_4437

Shiki Crafts

To tie everything together, we custom made Brooke the Fabric Bunting Banner and Wooden Initial decorated with washi tape to add the perfect amount of personality and originality to Brooke’s home away from home. And, with her strawberry Let’s Snuggle Pillow, she can lounge in style and coziness in her humble abode. Want us to help you design your dorm room? Contact us at [email protected] or request a custom order in our Etsy Shop! Happy decorating!