I’ll cut right to the chase, traveling with kids should be an Olympic sport. Having anything and I mean anything to make a flight or road trip easier while traveling with kids is a hack I want to have. Below are some items that help us when traveling with our kids – for more tips and tricks check out all my tips for flying with babies and toddlers.

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Go-To Items for Traveling with Kids

  1. Yeti Rambler Jr. – Leak proof, durable, Stainless steel. We always bring our kids tumblers with us bc hydrated kids are happy kids.
  2. BuddyPhones – Volume limiting bluetooth kids headphones. Spare yourself and everyone else in the car or plane from hearing baby shark on repeat (while not worrying that your baby shark is blasting his/her little ear drums)
  3. Car Seat Bag – An absolute must have when flying with babies and toddlers. We own 3 of these bc they are so durable, fit every car seat we have owned, and the backpack straps are an absolute life saver when trying to schlep your kid(s) and baggage through the airport. Skip the flimsey carseat bag and get this one, trust me its worth protecting that seat
  4. Packing Cubes – If you’re the parent responsible for packing for yourself and your tiny humans do yourself a favor and get packing cubes! Each person in our family has their own color so its easy to find each persons items while on the go. I love that this set comes with shoe bags and a laundry bag
  5. Fire HD Kids Tablet – Our kids love these tablets and I love how durable the case+stand is and how they cant navigate to anything I dont want them to. Built for kids! Major sanity savor for long trips!
  6. Hanging toiltry bag – Pro tip this isnt just for toiltries….So I saw this hack on my friend Arin’s IG check her out.
    Each of my kids has one of these, I pack all their travel snacks in it as well as fill it with activities (crayons, toys etc.) Hang it on the back of the plane seat or seat in the car so they can easily reach what they need. I love this hack for flying with baby so I’m not digging in the bag under the seat the whole time.
  7. Travel Stroller – We’ve traveled with a whole host of strollers over the years and the Summer 3D+ stroller is by far the easiest to fly with. It’s light, has a good size undercarriage and you can order it in a double if needed. This travel stroller folds up easy and comopact.
  8. Freshly Picked Diaper Bag Backpack – I’ve had this dipaerbag backpack since ealry 2019 its holds up so well and its so functional but also chic. I wish I listneded to my mom friends when I was pregnant with my first and went straight for a backpack style diaper bag, the over the shoulder bags just don’t work for everyday life and especially not travel. Ive have several diaper bags in my 5+ years of motherhood but this is FAR and away my favorite and most used
  9. Kids Rolling bag + backpack – I kind of thought it was pointless to get my kids tiny travel gear but wow was I wrong. Not only does it make my kids feel so excited to travel and “help” pack but they play with these non stop at home too. I’ve also had my eye on this ride along rolling bag I’ve spotted at the airport several times.
  10. Ergo – Babywearing through the airport is an absolute must in my opionion. The main reasons I always wear this carrier while flying (and bring it on road trips for on the go naps, walks, etc) is bc it has no metal (hello metal detectors) and its super secure and versatile. You can wear newborns-toddlers, wear big enough babies facing in, out and on your back. Plus the support it provides both you and baby is so important when having to bend, lift, and walk long distances.
  11. Carabiners – The amount of times these have come in handy blows my mind. From hooking our hydroflasks and yetti’s to out backpacks to clipping eatra things to the stroller, you always need an extra hand or 5 while traveling with kids and these stroller hooks/carabiners really do the trick.
  12. Sound Machine – We never stay the night anywhere without this thing. It helps soothe our kids, block out noise, has an amazing battery life and is recharable. I love how compact it is too.
  13. Kid Blow Up Mattress – We stayed at a friends house last year and she had these blow up mattresses for my kids. It was the first time they ever slept in their own beds while traveling. #winning – I immediately bought them to keep at my grandparents for when we visit them and the kids absoletly love them! Great for roadtrips but probably too heavy to fly with

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