Christmas becomes a million times more magical when you have kiddos of your own, the joy of gift-giving is exponentially greater when you see your little one light up. Toddlers are at such a fun age because everything is exciting to them, there are so many choices when it comes to what to buy your toddler which is why I put together this Toddler Gift Guide.

My kiddos are 19 months and 3.5 years old and we have 98% of the items on the list (and the kids love these toys) or they are on our list to get this year.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something from one of these links I will make a small commission at no extra charge to the buyer. This holiday season thank you for supporting bloggers like myself by purchasing through affiliate links. As always I never share things that I don’t believe are a great fit for my family and my readers!

I hope you enjoy this Toddler Gift Guide! Items in the photo are all clickable except #19. They are all also linked in the descriptions below. What are you getting your toddler this year?

  1. Wooden Pram – This is on the top of my list of gifts to get my toddler daughter. She loves baby dolls and taking care of them so having her own little stroller to push them in will be a huge hit.
  2. Play tunnel I know both my kiddos would love this, this is a good toddler gift and a good preschooler gift. #winning
  3. Roll Again Tower Here is another gift we are looking at getting our daughter this year, its a learning activity and will keep a toddler busy for a long time!
  4. First Touch and Feel Picture Cards – Both of my kids have loved these flashcards we have about 5 sets and its a huge way that I taught them their first words. Its a good sensory activity bc of the various textures and patterns used.
  5. Chair – We have a little armchair like this and we honestly need another because both my kiddos have loved it so much.
  6. Cleaning Set  – my son got this set as a gift when we was 18 months and still plays with it. Anything that encourages real-life skills is a plus in my book.
  7. Coffee Maker – My kids both enjoy making me coffee with their little coffee maker!
  8. Kitchen – Santa brought my son this very kitchen when he was 18 months. It might be our most used toy of all time. It encourages open ended play and real life skills.
  9. Shopping Cart  Kennedy got this for her 1st birthday and both kids basically fight over it. It’s very sturdy and looks and feels just like a real shopping cart! Great for new walkers too!
  10. Play Food  – I’m kind of partial to the wooden play food! We are getting our kids this wooden set that they can cut because it adds another element to the activity.
  11. Matching Eggs – This toy helps toddlers learn matching, colors, shape, and counting. This has been a big hit!
  12. Rocking Swan – We have a rocking squirrel and the kids love it, this swan is similar in that its a supportive seat (perfect for little ones) my kids chill out and watch tv on their rocker.
  13. Learning Tower – Wow do we love this! Both our kids can fit on it at once, they love to help in the kitchen so it gets used constantly. We also have the Portal by Facebook so they can call their out of state family and they use this learning tower to do that too.
  14. Tee Pee  Our kids drag the teepee out all the time. I’m all for imaginative play!
  15. Playsink  This play sink is so cool! The water actually runs so it’s perfect for modeling real-life and sensory play.
  16. Baby doll – Can a kid really have too many baby dolls? haha! We’re getting Kennedy another baby for her pram and this one was just so cute and affordable!
  17. Mower  – Yay an outside toy! Our kids love to do whatever we do including mowing the lawn!
  18. 3 in 1 Ride on Toys Pushing Car – We have something similar to this and love the 3 in 1 feature. From cruising with mom and dad around the block to pushing themselves this toy has a lot of longevity.
  19. Cozy Blanket – every person needs a cozy blanket! All four of us have our own and I buy them for all my friends and family. They are the BEST blankets on the planet.
  20. Playhouse I saved this for last because isnt this what childhood dreams are made of? Our playhouse is a fave among our kids and all their friends who come to play!! I personally love a nice wood playhouse!

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