When Tatum was born I had never heard of a Fresh 48 session, we booked an incredible birth photographer and newborn photos a few days post-birth in our home. Both of which we absolutely love to this day! However 2 years later when I was getting ready to give birth to my second, Kennedy, I noticed this trend of Fresh 48 sessions was gaining popularity. The birth photos of my son are something I will cherish forever, I have a beautiful book of them that I made for my husband for his first father’s day, they are a lot more personal and raw and while I shared a few of them on social media most of them are ones we keep to ourselves. 

What is a fresh 48 session?

A Fresh 48 session is a photoshoot within the first 48 hours of a baby’s birth, typically at the hospital or birth center. It’s different and separate from birth photos as the family has time to freshen up and regroup post-birth. 

How we documented Kennedy’s birth

In preparing for Kennedy’s birth we hired a photographer for both the birth and the fresh 48. Sadly she didn’t make it in time for her birth so I’m very thankful we had the Fresh 48 session lined up. I had also won a session from another photographer… so we ended up doing two (sorry hubs.)

I love all photos, the birth style photos capture something completely different from the fresh 48. In the fresh 48 session, we were able to get photos of my son with his new baby sister which I adore.

It’s also really nice to have a chance to get cleaned up and feel a little more photo-ready for these sessions. They make the perfect pics for an announcement photo! Both of our photographers got us photos back at record speeds so we could announce our sweet girl to the world! 

Here are my must-haves for a fresh 48 session 

  • Outfit for mom
    In one session I wore a maternity robe & some loose cozy pants, in the other I wore a Shiki mumu that coordinated with my kids outfits, and some pj pants. For both sessions I used my Cozys blanket. 
  • Outfit(s) for baby
    I’m a huge fan of Cozys knotted gowns, not just for photos but for the entire newborn phase! Hello, no fuss diaper changes and the most buttery soft fabric evaaa. Kennedy wore a floral knotted gown and had a matching swaddle for one fresh 48 session & a cactus knotted gown in another session and as her coming home outfit. I also packed bows and a swaddle for her to wear.
  • Outfit for husband and siblings
    If mom and/or baby is wearing a pattern I recommend picking something solid and simple. We did have both kids in matching cactus Jammies for one and my husband and I were in less busy outfits. 
  • Extra Swaddle, likely plain.
    The hospitals wrap the bassinets in their “signature” swaddles which are usually a distracting pattern. We didn’t think about this ahead of time and I used a plain t-shirt of my husbands to cover the orange elephant pattern of the hospital blanket. I suggest bringing a swaddle that compliments the baby’s outfit.
  • Name Prop
    I had a mini round with Kennedy’s name made by Knox and Navy but Letter Boards are also super popular! I also love these wooden name cards from Batz kids. A blogger friend of mine Arin had this cute name banner hanging from her daughter’s bassinet. 
  • Snacks for older siblings
    We hid fruit snacks on the hospital bed to keep Tate sitting next to us haha. #noshame

What else to pack for the hospital

Want a free printable hospital bag checklist? Get my ultimate hospital bag checklist here

If you’re debating taking fresh 48 photos I cannot recommend it enough, I cherish these photos so much and love all of the special details and moments captured. When you’re a tired mama who has just given birth its nice to be able to count on a professional to capture some sweet moments for you. 

I’m so excited to have both birth photos/video and a fresh 48 session taken for baby #3’s birth because if you know me photos are my love language. 

If you want to read Kennedy’s birth story check it out here. Have questions about preparing for a fresh 48 session? Drop a comment below! 

Here are some of my favorites from our Fresh 48 Sessions 

This session is by Elise Juna Photography

This photo is one of my faves, it cracks me up everytime!

The following photos are from our fresh 48 session with Sarah Forster Photography

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