Searching for the perfect Mother’s Day Gift? Look no further!

Mother’s Day is around the corner and I’m especially sentimental about it this year, my firstborn Tatum was born on May 10th and this year his 4th birthday falls on Mother’s Day!! Something so special about celebrating the boy who made me a mama ON mother’s day!!

I’ve had so much fun coming up with gift guides for other holidays and a mother’s day gift guide is no exception. Not only do I love getting a little spoiled on mother’s day I really love celebrating my incredible mama and MIL and the sisterhood of motherhood all around me! I may have overdone it on this gift guide perhaps because I’m really good at thinking of gifts for myself 😉

Mother’s Day 2020

This year Mother’s Day might look a little different as there’s a good chance we will still all be on a Covid-19 lockdown. I hope we can all think of some fun ways to celebrate our mamas from afar! In addition to the Mother’s Day Gift Guide image and shopping list below, I will also drop some suggestions of my own and those submitted by y’all on IG polls – some of which don’t fall into something we can order online and that is a-okay just couldn’t put in on the guide itself! 

If you’re a mama reading this and you see something you like why don’t you share this with your partner so they can pick up some helpful shopping hints 😉 


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Something Cozy 

Even if I wasn’t writing this during a COVID lockdown I would highlight now much us mamas love to be cozy! Not only do I own a small shop totally dedicated to being ultra-comfortable (hey Shiki mumus!) but I work from home, am a mom of 2.5 kiddos and let’s face it when at home who doesn’t like to be comfortable?

Here are some of my essentials for being as cozy as possible, trust me the mamas in your life will be stoked for any of these gifts! 

  • Shiki Mumu – These bamboo cotton tunic style mumus are customizable and a bit hit with all the ladies I know! My own mama wants one for every holiday and I personally live in these! 
  • Fuzzy Socks – I hate having cold feet, and I never go on a trip without some fuzzy socks to keep me warm! 
  • Slippers – I wear my UGG slippers non-stop and highly recommend them. I also have my eyes on these fuzzy gems because well hot dang they’re just super cute and trendy. 
  • Blanket – If you’re going to snuggle up with a good book or to binge a show a snuggly blanket is a must. I think this chunky blanket is so cute and would look darling thrown across your bed or couch! I also am low-key obsessed with all things from this local brand Cozys and can’t live without my adult swaddle blanket, its my go-to gift to give people! 
  • Leggings (with pockets) – Okay can I be real for a second…why haven’t leggings with pockets been a thing forever? These leggings from Aerie are high waisted (yas!) and have pockets, #Winning! I also love these leggings from Amazon that look and feel so similar to Lulu’s but for less than $25, yes please! 
  • Dwell & Slumber modern house dress – I love these house dresses, not only are they extremely soft, but they are flattering and a great length bonus this is another small shop! 

Pamper Yo Mama 

I did an IG poll prior to writing this post and SO many of y’all responded that you love getting pedicures and massages for Mother’s Day. I’m praying that we’ll all be back to normal by then and all the mamas everywhere can go get massages and spa treatments for Mother’s Day! However if that doesn’t happen here are some ways you can pamper the moms in your life from home. 

  • Home footbath and spa massager! Okay seriously I want this! I can just imagine myself soaking my feet sipping a glass of wine and watching the Bachelor. 
  • Bath Caddy – this is a must-have for the ultimate relaxing evening in the tub. I love getting gifts that I might not treat myself to and this would be one of those treats! 
  • Jade Roller – I was gifted a Jade roller after my second baby was born – It’s a great tool for waking your face up, and massaging those muscles. There are many benefits and this is a budget-friendly gift that mamas get a lot of use out of! 
  • Mugs! I’m a sucker for a cute mug and mugs are an easy gift to add to a themed gift basket, think a box of her favorite tea or coffee blend, a new Tea Kettle  (obsessed) or a Bodum coffee maker for the coffee enthusiast! 
  • Portable light up vanity – I have one of these and its so useful, I take it on roadtrips or just aorund the house if I need to get ready while watching my rugrats. 
  •  Eyemask – these make a great add on item! I love relaxing with an eyemask.  
  • Brumate – Wine or spirits on the go or at home these adorable sets are something I know a lot of ladies would like! Their floral sets and succulent prints caught my eye! They sell insulated cups and containers for wine, beer, spirits etc!  
  • Diffuser – I have a diffuser in almost every room, and enjoy diffusing my favorite essential oils based on what I’m in the mood for to feel relaxed or energized. 

Splurge on gifts she’ll love 

These gifts are some bigger ticket items that make awesome gifts if you’re looking to splurge on your sweet mama here are some great ideas: 

  • Apple Watch – I personally would love an Apple watch because its has so many features, especially for the fitness tracking aspect ( I just can’t stand having things on my wrists) so sadly bracelets and watches are a no-go for me. But all of my gfs who own an apple watch absolutely love them as does my hubs. 
  • Airpods – I use my AirPods all the time, they are an incredibly useful gift! Whether I’m on a walk and listening to a podcast or catching up with my mama while doing chores being hands-free is so handy 😉 We also have Andar cases for our AirPods, killer quality and makes them look so sleek! 
  • Kindle Paperwhite – This was at the top of my wish list this year for Christmas and I’m so glad I got my wish 😉 Being able to access millions of books at your fingertips, read in bed without waking your spouse are awesome perks. 
  • Dyson blow dryer – A few of y’all put this one in the poll on IG and my friends who have this bad boy are majorly obsessed. 
  • Little Green Machine – If your mama is a clean-freak she’ll love this gift. It’s a ProHeat Portable Deep Cleaner, we use it on couches, outdoor furniture, rugs, our car, kids car seats, etc. This little guy packs a lot of power! 
  • Weekender Bag – I wanted this bag for so long and it did not disappoint. I love being able to slide it onto a rolling suitcase, there is so much room for everything you need, its ultra-durable and the bottom zipper for shoes is bomb dot com. I hate having my shoes anywhere near my other stuff! Win-win! 


I LOVE a few key pieces that have meaning, and these items all have caught my eye! I hope my hubby is reading this! Mother’s Day is the perfect time to get your mom something sentimental, and meaningful. 

  • Maya Brenner  – These initial necklaces are a fave among some of my best friends, I’m talking you’ll never see them without it on. I want to wait until baby #3 is born to get one so we can get all 3 kids initials put on at once. However the great thing is they will add initials after the fact if you want! Amazing quality, a gift that will become a family heirloom for sure. 
  • Made by Mary – Customizable gifts are such a thoughtful way to honor your mom. Made by Mary has a lot of wonderful options for personalizing them jewelry for someone special, I personally have my eye on her Bloom necklaces where you can get the birth month flower stamped onto a pretty piece. 
  • Little Sycamore – Oh man do I want one of her birthstone rings. This mama run shop makes gorgeous one of a kind pieces! Once I am sure I’m done having babies this will be my #1 gift as I want all my kiddos birthstones on one ring. Her stackable birthstone rings are also stunning and make for a gift she wont forget! 
  • Breastmilk Jewelry by Milk+Honey – There is something so special about a mother’s bond with her child through nursing and whether that journey was long or short, easy or challenging this is such a special way to honor that unique story that is their own. I have frozen breastmilk in our freezer saved for this purpose and would cherish a ring or necklace that holds so much meaning. 
  • CDavidDesigns – If you want to get the mom in your life some personalized jewelry thats a little more cost effective and supports a local (AZ) small biz check out CDavidDesigns on Etsy! I’ve gotten a few pieces from her as gifts for special people and they are wonderful!! We got my mother in law a necklace for her birthday with all the grandkids initials on it, she absolutely loves it. 


A few more items I wanted to include but couldn’t think of a cute fun category for! 

  • House plant – Some home depot locations are offering curbside pickup if you call them. You can safely get a houseplant while quarantined! Yay! Aside from aesthetic houseplants have many benefits including purifying the air in your home! 
  • Personalized Cheese Board – My sorority sister owns this shop and wow do I love getting personalized gifts from here! Perfect for weddings, birthdays, Mother’s day etc! So many options but I thought this cheese board would be such a hit. 
  • Cute phone case – I’m a huge fan of CaseApp and all their adorable designs. My favorite is their personalized option – I update my phone case with a new photo every so often. Plus their tough cases are durable for those with toddlers or clumsy hands! 
  •  Magnolia Table – Joanna Gains has released version 2 of her book Magnolia Table! I know moms near and far will be adding this to their wishlist! 
  • Hydroflask – I know I know they are all the rage, but for good reason! Staying hydrated is so sexy and so is saving the planet by having a reusable bottle! 

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