Nursing a Newborn Survival Guide

Set yourself up for Breastfeeding success with these nursing mamas must haves To the expecting mom dreaming of nursing her newborn but nervous about all the unknowns, I see you. To the sleep-deprived new-mom cradling [...]


Tips for C-Section Recovery (and Preparation)

There seems to be a pervasive message that as long as we deliver a healthy baby, nothing else should matter. And while delivering a healthy baby is certainly the goal(!), many of us are missing [...]


Top 10 Baby Items – Newborn Edition 

If you’re a new mama and you’re wondering what the heck to register for I feel ya. Here are my top 10 baby items (newborn addition)


Kennedy’s Birth Story

I’ve been hoping to sit down and write this since the moment she was born. I don’t want the details to flee my memory, the birth of our daughter is and will remain one of [...]

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Kennedy’s Nursery Reveal

For all you mama’s and expecting mamas you know that nesting is no joke. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing but my nesting doesn’t manifest itself in the form of [...]



To be honest I don’t even know where to start this post or what to cover. As I count down the weeks until the birth of my second child it’s easy to get wrapped up [...]


A Great Guy Gift

Who else has a hubby who is super difficult to shop for? While my guy is not high maintenance at all, and he is the most appreciative person ever, it seems impossible to find a [...]


Self Love: Learning To Receive Compliments

Raise your hand if you are awkward AF when it comes to receiving accolades or compliments     ( Uhhhh ME )  This concept is odd to me, especially in a world where social media is so [...]

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Hosting A Foster Care Shower: Two Things You Need To Know

Welcoming a child into a family is cause for celebration! However traditional baby showers often don't work for foster parents, so navigating planning a foster shower or adoption shower requires being sensitive to each unique [...]

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Maternity Must Have: The One Item I Wish I Had At The Hospital

It’s been awhile since I’ve hopped on here for a good-ol-fashion blog post. A lot has been changing over at Shiki HQ especially with the arrival of our baby girl coming soon ( April 2018 [...]

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Tatum’s Tee Pee: Tribal Inspired Nursery

Inspired by my American Indian heritage I knew when we found out our little blessing was a boy that I wanted to create “Tatum’s Tee Pee.” Our goal was to create a space our son [...]


Maternity Style

Prior to getting pregnant I had a pretty warped view of how pregnancy affects everyone’s bodies differently. I imagined gliding through pregnancy with a picture perfect bump and the rest of my body remaining in [...]

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Built Ford Tough: Coed Baby Shower

Shower Honorees: Taylor & Whitney Ford Hostess: Liz Meyers Theme: All American BBQ: Built Ford Tough When it came to planning this shower we knew we wanted to incorporate the Ford last name into the [...]

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Capes & Cupcakes

Each year the Miss Maricopa County Scholarship Pageant hosts their annual Princess Tea Party for girls ages 4 to 12. Pageant contestants are paired with a princess to spend time with and mentor throughout the [...]


Welcome To The Tribe: Tatum’s Baby Shower

This May I’m expecting my first born and have been feeling the love from near and far both from family/friends and from our Shiki community! Being an AZ resident but a CA native I was [...]